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E-Jay's Plumbing Maintenance Plan

A simple Plumbing Maintenance Plan that’s made just for you.

We took off all the "extra" charges and we made an annual maintenance plan to exclusively provide you a ton of value.

We service and maintain areas which can easily turn themselves into multiple service calls forcing you to spend so much unnecessary money. In addition to being proactive with your plumbing, you’ll receive priority emergency service as a "Annual Plumbing Maintenance Plan" customer.

Some of the benefits included in this plan:

  • Hot Water Heater Cleanse A thorough drain and rinse of your hot water heat reduces sediment that clogs up the system and causes it to perform poorly. Proper maintenance of your hot water heater not only adds life to it, but also increases the efficiency of the unit year after year.

  • Sewer Main Clear-Out One of the most important connections to your home comes from the street. Your sewer main will be cleared out so the odds of a back up into your home drastically decrease. Many standard homeowners’ insurance policies do not have sewer main backup protection. A call to an insurance broker that no one wants to make, maybe you wont have to.

  • Exposed Pipe Inspection Your pipes will be visually inspected to determine any problems. Over time pipes will show some sign of decay, then it’s just a waiting game. We will visually inspect all your exposed piping and where possible, look into openings to ensure that what’s exposed is ok.

This plumbing maintenance plan is only $250.00 (billed yearly).

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Plumbing Maintenance Plan

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