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        Water Heaters

        Shutoff Valves

        Kitchen Plumbing

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      Re-piping Water Systems

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E-JAY Plumbing & Heating, Inc.'s installation team is the best in skill, attitude and workmanship. They will care for your home and complete the job with speed and precision. They will clean up when they are finished and take personal responsibility for your satisfaction.

Your Plumbing Services

Are you having and major/minor plumbing issues? Do you need your toilet unclogged or your kitchen faucet replaced? E-JAY Plumbing & Heating, Inc. has master plumbers ready for any repair, maintenance, or replacement.

Drain and Sewer Service:
  • Sewer and drain installation

  • Sewer and drain maintenance services

  • Sewers and pipes

  • Sewer and drain cleaning

  • Trenchless pipe replacement

  • Sewers relining

Water Heater Service:
  • Water heater repair

  • Hot water heater

  • Water heater replacement

  • Electric water heater

  • Gas water heater

  • Tankless water heater

  • Water heater installation

  • Plumbing installation

  • Solar water heater

  • Hot water heater

  • Water heater tanks

  • Plumbing repairs

Heating and Cooling Service:
  • Gas line repair/reroute/hookup

  • Air conditioner repair

  • Furnace repair

  • Furnace service/cleaning

  • Air conditioner service/cleaning

  • Gas appliances hookup

  • Dryer vent cleaning

  • Thermostat service

  • Duct cleaning

Boiler Service:

In a community with winters as cold as ours, we’d try as many different ways to keep warm as we could. For many homes, the most straightforward systems are still the best, and that means boilers which rely on steam or heated water to provide heat to our homes.

If your home or building uses a boiler system, you want it to be as effective as possible. That means hiring a company that not only can repair any problems with a boiler system, but install a new one and keep it maintained.

Steam Boilers Do the Job Right

The difference between steam boilers and hot water boilers simply comes down to the heat of the water in the system. With steam boilers, the evaporated water provides pressure which helps move the steam through various pipes in the system. Radiators or floorboards in various rooms release the heat of the steam, which allows the heat to spread very effectively. Steam boilers cost less to install than hot water boilers, but have higher operating costs.

Hot Water Boilers Are Often More Efficient

Hot water boilers differ from steam boilers in that you don’t need to heat the water as much. The system involves pumps that move the water through the system, which helps them function more efficiently as well. It can be a great fit for many  households or buildings, but the initial installation cost can be higher.

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