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E-Jay's Heating Maintenance Plan

A heating maintenance plan that keeps you warm.

We’ve cleared the decks and fired up an annual gas heating maintenance plan that’ll keep you cozy during the winter months. Some of our competitors may turn cold to this because we address and maintain areas, which can easily turn themselves into quite a few service calls.

That’s ok; we’re comfortable with it.

Some of the benefits included in this plan:

  • Boiler Check-up It’ll be thoroughly checked, as will the gas burners, water feeder, pressure gauges, and expansion tank. We’ll also purge the system, leaving it in tip-top shape. Lastly, your boiler will be cleaned out putting it in a place to perform optimally throughout the season.

  • Heating Zones All your heating zone(s) will undergo have a test to ensure they work properly as will the thermostats and circulator pump(s). In addition we will check and test thermostats to ensure they’re accurate which is important. Gas Burners will also be inspected and cleared of any visible debris.

  • Controls & Feeders We check and ensure automatic water feeders are working properly (feeding boiler the proper amount of water). We will test and check all gauges for accuracy, which will protect the boiler from operating over its manufacturer limits. Lastly, we will verify that the emergency switches are appropriately shutting the boiler.

This plumbing maintenance plan is only $275.00 (billed yearly).

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Heating Maintenance Plan

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